Lutticken's has been one of my favorite deli's since I was a kid.  Nothing is better than a turkey sandwhich on fresh dutch crunch bread with everything...including extra pickles and shredded lettuce. The owner is super cool and has a great personality. He used to give me my brother free donut holes as kids when we would order sandwichs in the morning before school for lunch.Since then they have added new outdoor seating with covered umbrellas. This is a great place for a fresh sandwich for lunch. I try to go back every time I'm at home and would give anything to have a Lutticken's type place near me down in Orange County.  This place rocks! Julie C. Newport Beach

 This place is awesome.The owner is really cool and super friendly.He made me the most ridiculously loaded sandwich ever! Talk about messy! Real fresh turkey sliced before my very eyes.I thought he would stop, but he kept adding more meat!I wasn't complaining. Great place, great people. Good vibe too, the employees don't look like they want to tear their eyeballs out. That's what makes me want to keep coming back to a place.D.G. San FranciscoI have been a patron of Lutticken's since I was a kid.  I am a huge fan of the sourdough bread.  I am a creature of habit and a self-proclaimed sandwich connoisseur so I am confident in endorsing the vegetarian sandwich at Lutticken's.  I get avocado, swiss cheese, the fixings (minus sprouts) with oil and vinegar.  The vinegar is balsamic and really makes the sandwich taste amazing! I also like the traditional sandwiches: home-roasted turkey, salami and roast beef as well. Lutticken's also has grilled sandwiches, burritos, salads and ice cream!  Lots of variety and many options.Laura F, Redwood City

I've been going to Lutticken's too long to remember.  The food is great and the help (Bob the owner and Judy especially) are the best.  In and out quickly or stay and eat inside or out, there's no where else in West Menlo that I would ever go to... This place is like "Cheers".  You will run into friends or make new ones here. Great sandwich's, get a milk shake and while waiting for the sandwich, eat a chocolate chip cookie. Their new Coffee Bar is so broad, many more options than the place across the street!Steve G. Los Altos

A darn good sandwich and perhaps the best in the area! Went there for lunch and the staff was great!!! No High Schoolers as, you know, during lunch and all, they would be at school.A+ for shredded LettuceA++ for fresh home roasted turkey sliced very thin, bravo!Generous with meat and toppingsWould love it if they had a pesto garlic sauce....Huge drink and chip selectionIce CreamPlenty of tables inside and outHuge menu including grill, burgers and breakfast.Will have to try a Burrito, perhaps this is the Menlo Burrito Shack I have been looking for?Meredith O. Menlo Park